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We welcome your opinions and would like to share them on our testimonial page.

Here are some excerpts from emails to us:


Just wanted to let you know Midas is doing great and getting big fast! Of course we think he the most handsome dog ever, but I can't tell you how many people tell us how beautiful he is! I have had many people ask me where he came from and have given many referrals!! He is such a good boy, we couldn't be happier! .

Alison H. - Shrewsbury, MA




Just wanted to give you an update on our girl. Sassy is almost 9 months, we picked her up on Mother’s Day weekend, Bianca and Max are her parents. We want to “Thank you” so much for breeding such friendly, outgoing, lovable and beautiful puppies. As a small puppy we began walking her twice a day...She literally has stopped traffic!! I had at least 3 cars pull over and stop me...everyone said the same thing....Your puppy is the most beautiful puppy I have ever seen!! Every where we take her people stop us and just adore her, and she soaks it all up. She loves to play ball and is the best retriever. She is more motivated by ball play than food. Sometimes I have to work late and arrive home between 11 to midnight, Sassy is the only one who waits up for me. Its wonderful to walk thru the door and be greeted by such a happy puppy. I have attached a recent picture of Sassy and I.

Thank you again,

Ellen, Randy & Sassy



Just wanted to give you an update on our beautiful, challenging-at-times, brilliant Payton! I mentioned to you early on that my 12 year old son found your website while we were grieving the loss of our almost 14 year old Mackenzie...Cameron copied the first picture from your website. I have taught him to visualize what you want... so from a young age he has had a visualization board with pictures on his wall (NBA is on it now..we'll see!)....You had multiple litters and numerous puppies at that time but I swear the puppy we ended up with IS the puppy, Payton, in that first picture....We would not trade this dog for anything!...The last picture says it all...she has been a gift from heaven....Thank you again for this amazing gift! She is the most beautiful golden I've seen and we love her so much! Thank you again!

Wendy P

I am a veterinary technician at a veterinary hospital in Greenville, RI and am always sure to ask golden owners where their dog came from. Every time I hear Ryan's Goldens I have been very pleased with the look and temperament of the puppies/dogs.

Chelsie G., RI

Just wanted to update you on our puppy. SHE IS AWESOME. She fits in great with our family, and she loves our other dog. We could not be happier. Thanks so much for a great dog.

Jason M, Coventry, RI

We just wanted to say thank you for bringing Bailey into our lives. She is the most amazing little puppy in the world. She has graduated from Puppy Kindergarten and will be starting the advanced class shortly. She was definitely the smartest puppy in the room! She is always full of energy and sweet as a button.

Melissa & Jason, Slatersville, RI

We have been meaning to write to let you know how happy we are with our puppy Bailey.  She settled in so quickly we thought it was too good to be true!!!  She loves the snow and hops around like a reindeer when ever fresh snow falls.  We have included some puppy pictures, we will send some of the snow pictures too.  Thank you so much.

Jason and Erika, Middletown, RI


We just wanted to share with you a few of Molly's most recent pics.  She is doing so great!  Better than we ever expected.......nearly house broken, knows 4 tricks already and extremely well behaved!  Thank you for the blessing you allowed us to receive in Molly!!!!

 Tom and Gina, South Grafton, MA


We can't thank you enough for calling us! regarding your adoption day cancellation puppy!  -We've all had a really great first week with little "Baily" Bear, & he's settling in amazingly well!!....... Again, we thank you for sending our family such a wonderful puppy!

Mary, Al, & Sean,   Millis, MA


As for Lucy, she is just wonderful  She is growing all the time and is full of love.  She has already given us lots of fun times.  She loves us and all the people and dogs she encounters along the way.  I have a  couple pictures from yesterday after her trip to the groomer!  I hope you like them.  

Chris,   Riverside, RI

It's been quite a while since I last e-mailed you, but I wanted to say hello and let you know that Brady just turned 4 years old and she is doing very well.  She is by far the nicest dog we have ever owned!  Her best friend Becky (our other Golden) is also a super dog - but there's something special about Brady.  There is absolutely nothing negative I could say about Brady's personality and temperament.....We love taking them to Newport or Jamestown where we meet so many different people from all over the world.  They are well behaved and just happy to be with us.  We are able to have lunch or dinner at the many outdoor restaurants and they just lay next to us.  They are definitely  "people magnets". Our best to you and your family!

Kathie,   Smithfield, RI

Terry you should she the curls in her coat, Tom and daisy are like glue together. It is funny to watch her with Tom. Daisy knows Tom is come up the driveway, she starts to turn in a circle until he goes to her. She listens to directions very well from Tom. Daisy was very much worth every dollar... people see her and think she is a very good looking breed.  

Tom & Kelly,   Taconic, CT

Cooper is doing great!! So far there have been no accidents in the house or crate. He cried at 4am and I took him out right away and he did his business and went right back to sleep. He is eating just fine so I guess he is adjusting very well to his new home….. Thank you again for doing a wonderful job raising such good puppies. We will certainly pass your name on to anyone that is looking for a golden.

Joyce & Sam,   Norton, MA

We had a great weekend with our new puppy, which we named Kassey!  She has adjusted very well into our home, and the boys are keeping her so busy.  She is just like a new baby to them, all they want to do is wake her up to play!  We will e-mail you pictures soon.

Chris & Lisa,   Shrewsbury, MA

Lucy is doing great! She is very busy, curious, playful.....She is a joy, even when she gets into mischief.....Your information and materials are very helpful and we find ourselves utilizing them frequently....we could not be happier with our new baby girl....We are so grateful to have connected with you in the process of getting our new Golden Girl.

Chris and Andrea & Lucy,   Hope Valley, RI


Just wanted to give you an update and tell you how pleased we have been with Wrigley!  He is a little love and has settled in to our family very nicely......He is also sleeping about 8 hours at night!   He has a wonderful temperament and has been terrific with our boys.

Kathleen & Wrigley,    East Greenwich, RI

My husband Tom and I purchased a puppy from you in July 2006. We had never owned a Golden Retriever before but Tucker B  certainly has been perfect for our family. He is very smart and has quite the personality. Matter of fact,  thinks he is a people and that life revolves around him!...(and believe ..it pretty much does!) 
Every so often, I go to your web site (which is really awesome..kudo's to your art person) to see new pictures of Tucker B's real Mom and Dad and to see the beautiful puppies. 

Nancy & Tom,    Rhode Island

What a big baby he is.  As you can see, he is spoiled and knows it.  He goes to work with me a few days a week, where he gets tons of love from all the girls I work with.  Other than Lyme disease last summer (despite vaccinations!) he’s healthy as an ox.  He even got micro-chipped, in case he ever forgets his way home.  He was a perfect angel for micro-chipping, too.  The vet’s office can never believe how calm and patient he is.  He sat quietly even though that needle was huge!

Jessica & Todd,    Connecticut

This is one FANTASTIC dog!  She didn't make a peep when I bedded her down for the night.  So far there has not been one single "accident" in the house, but now that I have mentioned it we probably will be jinxed.  I take her out after every nap, after every playtime, and after every time she eats, which isn't all that much.  We have a fairly large kitchen with a wooden floor, and I've put gates at the doors so she pretty much has the run of the place and doesn't feel too confined. When she shows signs of being sleepy, I always put her in her crate and say, "Kennel."  She and I are both getting trained.  She seems quite happy, and so are we.

June,    Rhode Island

Just thought we would let you know how well Phoebe is doing and how happy we are with her. She is really a wonderful girl, has a great temperament, loves to play with our son Garrett and is doing beautifully with her training. She is a bit of a clown however, likes to take tissues out of the waste basket and will steal your slippers if you leave them about! She doesn't destroy them, just likes to hide them on you. We really love her.

Jeanine & Andrew,    Ridgefield, CT

He’s (Boomer) a great dog and we’re so happy to have him.

Bill & Karen,    Rhode Island

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