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Frequently Asked Q's

Oftentimes, people inquire with breeders some basic questions.  We will try to answer some of the more popular ones we are asked.  If you have additional questions, please contact us and we will answer them promptly.  You may scroll through the ten most popular questions below with our answers to them.

Do you screen your dogs for hip dysplasia and other health issues through OFA?


Yes. We have been pursuing quality Golden Retrievers to breed. Our Goldens are XRAY'd for hip and elbow conformation. To date, we have achieved scores of "Good" or better, and "Normal" all our breeding dogs. All have passed the Cardiac exam with Normal results. We began Annual CERF eye exams in May 2014 and all our breeding dogs have passed with a normal score. scored a "Normal" score. All the OFA paperwork is available for you to personally inspect when you visit us. We will continue to pursue certification on all of our Goldens so that you can be assured that Ryan's Goldens are being responsible breeders, ensuring only quality Goldens are offered to our customers at a fair price.

Does my dog need to take vitamins?


Being a responsible breeder, we believe your puppy’s health is our top priority, even after it leaves our home. After many years of research and learning surprise ingredients in vitamins found at the pet store, we found NuVet to be the best nutritional supplement available on the market today. It is only found on-line on their website, or at some veterinarians. We strongly recommend and advocate the use of NuVet Plus supplements for your dog to follow the path of perfect health. One daily tablet will significantly reduce the risk or even eliminate many potential problems that could strike your dog in the years to come. Simply put, we use it, and believe in it so much, we will extend our health guarantee of your dog with certain restrictions. You may order directly online at or you can call the manufacturer directly at 1-800-474-7044 and using Order Code: 29625.

What should I have bought to be ready for a new puppy?

You should consider buying a crate first and foremost. We strongly recommend crate training a new puppy for its safety and your peace of mind. Puppies can get into things and swallow objects you wouldn't want it to ingest. This type of danger exists whenever your puppy is loose and you are not attending to it. Please consider a crate for its safety. Also you should consider purchasing a leash and adjustable nylon collar, water and feed bowls, approved chew toys (not rawhide), literature or publications on owning a Golden Retriever and stuffed animals always makes the puppy feed at home. Please remember to contact your vet and schedule an appointment for its next set of shots as well.

Will my new dog be microchipped?


Yes. We will implant an AKC Reunite microchip in your puppy before it leaves and your puppy will be registered at no additional cost to you. Let us handle the paperwork and you can be be reassured if your dog ever becomes separated, it will be easily identified with the microchip so you can be called when its located. Learn more with the AKC Reunite link below.

Can I register my puppy with the AKC?

Yes you can. Every adoption was accompanied by a puppy kit that contains valuable information on raising your puppy, how to house break it, useful training tips, proper exercise and nutritional needs. The kit also included the registration transfer paperwork to send to the American Kennel Club for registration of your puppy as the new owner. More information can be located at

How are the temperaments of Ryan's Goldens dogs?


We frequently receive positive news of our puppies graduating in training classes. Ryan's Goldens show an incredible willingness to be surrounded by humans as well as furry friends. Some of our customer's Goldens have even graduated as certified, therapy dogs in the medical field. Rest assured, you will be adopting a Golden destined for "Top of the Class."

How often does my puppy need to see a veterinarian?

Your puppy will already have its first set of shots and deworming medicine. Upon adoption, you should contact your veterinarian and schedule an appointment for its second set of shots within 2-3 weeks of adoption. The puppy will have a third set of shots and thereafter annual check-ups. Every puppy that is adopted has a limited health guarantee that insures the puppy to be free from congenital defects that would render the puppy an unsuitable, pet quality dog. We are now extending our health guarantee up to two years, providing you meet certain goals with your Ryan's Golden Retriever. Ask us for the complete details on how to receive an extended health guarantee with your puppy.


What should we bring with us on adoption day?

You should bring with you a small collar and leash as well as a box or crate to place the puppy into in the car. Also bring along a towel so we can rub the puppy's mother with it to bring home her scent with you. We suggest placing that towel in her sleeping area so she may feel more secure with her mother's smell. Also, your puppy will not have had the experience of riding in a car (except for the 1 mile trek to the vet). Expect the possibility that motion sickness can occur on the first day. Bring with you paper towels and cleaning solution in case the puppy becomes sick. If you are traveling several hours, bring along a small container of water and plan on stopping once to let the puppy drink and see if it needs to stretch.

What food is recommended for my puppy?


As a breeder, we have tried many different, top quality brand dog foods over the years. We have come to conclude that your dog's diet directly correlates to it's overall health Your dog food should have Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, and glucosamine and chondroitin, as well as prebiotics. The first ingredient should be meat, not by-products or corn. We have found most grain-free dog foods to lack essential crude fats for growing puppies. Our adult dogs are fed Purina ProPlan Focus Performance Formula. We have seen the results from this quality product and enthusiastically recommend this dog food. We have also found Purina ProPlan Focus Chicken and Rice Puppy Formula to be an excellent choice for your puppy and recommend it.


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